Volunteer for the 2024 Virginia-Highland Tour of Homes!

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If you would you like to:

Then, we invite you to serve as a docent on the Virginia-Highland Tour of Homes. Your role will be to welcome visitors into the homes, check tickets, tell visitors special things to look for in the home, and send visitors on to the next home with a smile. For donating your valuable time you will receive 2 free tickets to the Tour.

Instructions for Volunteers:

Thank you for volunteering for the Virginia Highland Tour of Homes! Please double-check the house number you volunteered for on signup.com. Each house number corresponds to one of the addresses listed below. Please arrive at the address of your house number at least 15 minutes prior to the start time and check in with your house captain to let them know you have arrived. The House Captain will provide you with your instructions for your shift. 

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If you are using your two free tickets prior to your shift, you will need to stop by your assigned to pick up your free ticket(s) to the tour before proceeding with the tour. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Beck at 334-744-0466 or email vahitourofhomes@gmail.com. Thank you again for volunteering!


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