General Information

The 28th Annual Virginia-Highland Tour of Homes

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October 20th, 2024

for your fill of beautiful architecture and interior design.


  1. Is there a starting spot for the tour?
    The tour is at your own pace and you can start at any of the homes. Please download the app beforehand to scan your ticket at each house
  2. Is there parking?
    Street parking can be found within the neighborhood. There will also be a limited number of spots availabe at the YWCA.
  3. Do I need to check in at the YWCA?
    Check in is not required at the YWCA. This is a spot for anyone checking into their volunteer shifts, picking up tickets or a paper map. Day of tickets can also be purchased here. 
  4. If I am volunteering, where do I pick up my tickets and checkin?
    Check in for volunteer is at the YWCA. You can get your free tickets from this location before your shift and then go straight to your house when your shift time comes.